OpenDataVal Leaderboards#

Save and upload the data values for a Challenge task here. After running your experiment and computing the data values, run the following function to receive a csv file. Upload the csv file to the above Google Form to appear to compare your DataEvaluator and to appear on the leaderboards. All datasets that begin with the prefix 'challenge-*' are valid challenges that can be submitted.

from opendataval.experiment import save_dataval
from opendataval.dataloader import DataFetcher
fetcher = DataFetcher("challenge-*")
save_dataval(dataevaluator, fetcher, "output.csv")

Noisy Indices Detection F1 Score

Data Evaluator Name Name of the Evaluator Noisy F1 Score F1 score of the data evaluator in identifying noisy data with a 2Means classifier